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Women around the world are making the switch to menstrual cups. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups offer women an environmental friendly, safer, cheaper and easier to use alternative to traditional tampons.

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Which cup size should I get?

Our menstrual cup is available in 2 sizes. Size S is recommended for women who haven’t given birth vaginally. Size L is recommended for women who have given birth vaginally. 

How long will the menstrual cup last for?

The material of the cup can last up to 10 years. After a while of usage, the cup might get slightly stained or discolored – and that’s completely fine (don't worry).

Can I have sex with a menstrual cup in?

We would not recommend having sex with a menstrual cup in

Can I use a menstrual cup if I am a virgin?

Yes, if you are a virgin, you can use a menstrual cup. Although, you should be aware that inserting the cup may break the hymen. However, by medical standards, virginity is not defined by the state of the hymen, you remain a virgin until you participate in sexual intercourse.

Can I pee while using a menstrual cup?

Of course you can! Unlike tampons, menstrual cups do not have a string that can become soaked in "fluid". Do not worry, you can go to the bathroom feely.

Can I go swimming with a menstrual cup in?

Absolutely! Due to the softness of the medical grade silicon material, you won’t feel the cup while it’s inserted and it gives you comfortable and leak-free protection.

Can the menstrual cup stretch my vagina?

The vagina is remarkable and acts like a muscle as it is able to stretch and return back to its original structure, this means that the menstrual cup will not cause you to stretch. No need to worry.

Can the menstrual cup disappear inside me?

While the menstrual cup can move up and down slightly inside your vagina, it cannot get lost inside you.

How do we sanitize our cup?

All menstrual cups must be sterilised before every use. To sterilise please boil your cup in an open pot of boiling water for five to ten (5 -10) minutes with plenty of water. Do not leave the boiling pot unattended.

At the end of your cycle, wash your cup as you normally do with warm water and a mild, unscented water-based (oil-free) soap. As needed, you can boil your cup in an open pot of boiling water for five to ten (5 -10) minutes with plenty of water. Do not leave the boiling pot unattended.

Do we get instructions with our order?

We have not included physical paper instructions in your order, in order to minimise on environmental waste. However, we do have online instructions. 


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