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This collapsible sterilisation cup is perfect for storing and cleaning your menstrual cup. It has been specifically designed to be microwave safe and has a durability of 5+ years. Cup size: 170ml

Specifically designed to collapse for easy storage. Made of 100% lightweight food grade silicone material, non-stick and flexible to clean. Temperature rated from -100°F (-73.33°C) to 480°F (240°C). 

How it works

Remove and Rince

Once you have removed your menstrual cup, empty its content and rinse under a running tap


Fill the foldable menstrual cup cleaner with water and place your menstrual cup inside. Ensuring complete submersion.


Place the filled menstrual cup cleaning container inside your microwave and run for 5 minutes

Empty, Clean, Repeat

Once the microwave has finished carefully remove the foldable cup and remove your menstrual cup, ready to be used again


All FirstGreener menstrual cups are protected using biodegradable packaging sleeves.

What's inside the box?

Collapsable Menstrual Cup Cleaner